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A Real Reel Clock Using Basic Stamp

David thought of using film reel bobbins to make a clock – the idea was from 2008, roughly 6 years but it still looks great in 2014. Its basically a word clock but instead of flashing lights and flowing letters through LCD time is tell through spinning...

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PlotClock – writes the time for you

When it first appeared on thingverse the PlotClock was rocki n! Its not a surprise that a lot of people also built their own version (see gallery after the break). The plot clock is pretty straight forward – you got two servos to take the pen left...

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Arduino Pro Micro Reset

In general this is not a problem and they might have omitted it for price reasons but why wouldnt we have a reset button on the Arduino Pro Micro? Even the clones don’t have them – clone makers (in my opinion)  needs to add a bit to the...